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Meet The Problem Solvers, hosted by Judy Perlman, airs Mondays at 6:30pm ET on Cambridge Community TV (Channel 9)! Experts from a wide variety of fields teach us about a pressing social problem and its solutions. Check out our archive and tune in Mondays at 6:30pm on CCTV (Channel 9 for Cambridge locals) and online at


New episodes will be uploaded during the week after the show airs.

In addition to hosting Meet The Problem Solvers, Judy Perlman offers professional coaching and workshops focused on communications and strategy. Her clients are individuals as well as teams. She works with clients in person and/or remotely. Judy also works as a consultant on homeless services and systems for communities across the US, and worked for 8 years as a CEO dealing with homelessness and housing development.  

To learn more about Judy's consulting work, visit her website at:

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